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  1. Katsuyuki Shimamoto 8 DAN
    2015-09-11 Warszawa
  2. Sensei ZENON KOKOWSKI 6 Dan Aikido Aikikai
    2015-09-11 MYŚLENICE 32-400
  3. Marian Wiśniewski 6 DAN, Jerzy Sapiela 6 DAN
    2015-09-19 Poznań
  4. Robert J. Krac - 5 DAN
    2015-09-19 Opole
  5. Christian Tissier Shihan (7 dan)
    2015-10-03 Poznań - Suchy Las
  6. Robert Zimmermann Shihan,7Dan Aikikai, Toronto, Kanada.
    2015-10-09 Słupsk
  7. Jacek Zniszczyński, 2 dan Olga Juchniewicz, 1 dan
    2015-10-17 Chojnice
  8. Paweł Zdunowski 5 dan
    2015-10-17 Gdańsk
  9. Minoru Kanetsuka - 8 dan aikido aikikai
    2015-10-23 Kluczbork
  10. Michele Quaranta Shihan (6 dan)
    2015-11-06 Toruń
  11. Paweł Zdunowski 5 dan
    2015-12-05 Gdańsk
  12. Pascal Durchon (6 DAN, chuden Kashima Shin Ryu)
    2016-03-12 Warszawa
  13. Michel Erb 6 Dan Aikikai
    2016-04-09 Chojnice
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Polish Aikido Federation
(Aikikai Poland)

Polish Aikido Federation (PFA) was founded on August 1st 1990. On that day the District Court registered our organization in the registry of associations, with the number RSt7"B". The Federation was a formal continuation of the earlier organization, called Aikido Polska, whose repeated attempts at registration in the Eighties were turned down by the authorities at the time. The founding members if the Federation were five clubs ((Warsaw, Wrocław, Zielona Gora, Nowy Sącz, Opole), and the first Board included Andrzej Sobolewski (chairman), Bogdan Rumas (deputy chairman), Witold Kirmiel (deputy chairman) Jerzy Pomianowski (general secretary and Antoni Chełkowski (treasurer).

The Federation maintained its contacts with the World Aikido Centre in Tokio and the International Aikido Federation established earlier. The recognition of the Polish Aikido Federatioon on December 1st 1991 by the Aikikai Foundation (The World Aikido Centre) as the only organization representing Aikido in Poland as it had been established by Morihei Ueshiba was a testimony of our good co-operation and of appreciation of the path we had taken. The natural consequence of that fact was the affiliation of the PFA to the International Aikido Federation which took place during the 6th Congress of that organization which was held in Taipei from 30th September to 4th October 1992.

In March 2002, during the General Assembly of the PFA the main directions of the organization's activity in the years 2002-2006 were decided upon. The Assembly made important changes in the PFA Statute, creating the position of the President whose job is general co-ordination of the PFA's activity, representing it to administrative institutions and authorities as well as internationally. The Board is responsible for all current matters. During the extraordinary General Assembly in December 2004 important amendments to the statute were voted. The most important was the establishment of the Technical Council which is a permanent teaching examinations council. It has extensive authority, being able to look into the Board's decisions concerning teaching programmes etc.

Towards the end of 2004 there was a break-up within the Polish Aikikai and several instructors left the PFA and created the Polish Aikido Association (PSA). The new organization wishes to teach Aikido independently, basing itself on the same technical and examination requirements. All PSA's regulations are virtually copies of those applying in the PFA which creates a potential possibility to restore the organizational unity of the Polish Aikikai.

The PFA's main achievements are:
  • being recognized by the Aikido Foudation and the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo
  • the exclusive right to grant aikido kyu and dan grades in Poland in accordance with the international regulation of the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo
  • regulating and standardizing examinations requirements and creating an efficient system of granting and registering kyu and dan grades in Poland
  • development of both aikido and the PFA in Poland from the original dozen clubs to over 80 in 2004 all over the country
  • the biggest body of instructors in Poland, holding high master grades granted by the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo
  • permanent access to most outstanding Japanese and European aikido teachers with whose participation the PFA systematically organizes special trainings and seminars.